Benedict Amevor

Being an elite personal trainer/coach for 10 years, as well as managing Powerflex Studio (VICTORIA, LONDON - 4 YEARS) has given me a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, and the different types of people on their fitness journey.

My clients have ranged from the person in the office, semi pro footballer to Saudi royalty. Such a variety propels you into new learning and understanding, to deliver the best service and help optimise a clients life..

Seeing results, and the development of skill and health related benefits, are just some of the rewarding aspects of my career so far.

.My purpose is to assist those who have a desire to reach the greatest version of themselves, through wellness, mindfulness, nutrition and physical health. So, once we put a plan into action, it will take the path of least resistance.


I did a 5 week/ twice a week programme. I have been training in the gym every day for years but Ben’s approach, motivation and knowledge gave me a massive boost, both during the weeks training with him and afterwards, where I have changed the way I train on my own in the gym. I needed a boost to my training and Ben has renewed my motivation and helped me achieve the results I was after.

— Nikolaj
Ben has been my PT for 9 years now and he has completely changed my approach to fitness. He makes working out enjoyable, and what’s even more enjoyable are the physical results! I used to do endless cardio when I went to the gym and saw no difference, but with Ben’s workout he makes you discover muscles you didn’t know you had, and pushes you harder than you would on your own which makes the outcome even more rewarding. Ben has changed the shape of my body through exercises suited to my physique and through diet/menu plans and tips, making me leaner and more toned. He always has new ideas and exercises up his sleeve to take you to the next level. As a result I would say that I’m in the best shape and fitness of my life!
— Julia